Netgear Setup To Connect Router To The Computer

By | May 16, 2018

When you are going to connect your Netgear Router to your computer, you have two methods to make your Netgear Setup. One is wired setup and another is wireless setup.  Nothing is difficult in both methods but your computer should be supportive to establish the connection. If your PC is ready to be connected to your Router then take you Router, Modem and Computer, two Ethernet cables, power adapter and be ready with these instructions:

STEP-1, Connect Router To The Modem

A router has one Internet port and four LAN ports. In order to connect your Router to the modem, take an Ethernet cable and put its one end in the Internet port of your Router. While another end of the cable is to be put in the modem port. Turn on your modem and Netgear Router. Both devices’ LED will light up, give some time to your router to boot up till then you can turn on your computer. When your computer has powered on, you can follow the next step

STEP-2, Connect Your Computer To The Router 

As you know there are four LAN ports in your Router. If you are using the wired connection then take another Ethernet cable and put its one end to any of the four LAN ports while you need to put it’s another end on the computer. It will take time to connect with internet. Refresh your computer and check the internet is connected or not. Once the internet is connected follow the Step-3

STEP-3, Access

Go to your browser and type or You can also type the IP address and hit the Enter. You will reach the Router login admin page.

STEP-4, Netgear Router Password

The Netgear Router Password is ‘admin’ by default to every Netgear Router. One thing more, remember the ‘admin’ in case-sensitive can be used for both username and password. But if you have changed it then go with the new Netgear password.  Click on the ‘Login’ and you have reached to Netgear Routerlogin Net home page.

This is the simple process of Netgear Setup to access on your computer.  You can manage your router settings from Netgear Homepage.

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