How To Use Netgear Genie App To Manage Netgear Routerlogin Net

By | June 6, 2018

Netgear Genie app helps you to manage Routerlogin Net settings via the remote access. It may seem you difficult at very first time but once you configure the Netgear Genie App, you can graphically use this simple application. Because all the settings will appear to the left side panel you need to select any a feature and bring it to your use.

How To Get Netgear Genie App On My Device 

  • Visit the Google Play Store and type Netgear Genie App. Click on the install and it will appear on the home screen of your device. You can also visit to download the Netgear Genie app compatible with your device.
  • Click on the Genie App and select the Remote Access. To register with Genie App, click on the Sign Up.
  • Confirm the details and again login to your Genie App using the Email ID and Password that you confirm to get registered.
  • The genie app will display wireless setting page and exact to its bottom, you will see the Router Model option.
  • Select your Netgear model and confirm the username and password. Commonly, the Netgear Router Password is ‘admin’ in case sensitive but if you ever set a new password then type the new one.

So, the good thing is Routerlogin Net admin page is appearing and you are ready to manage with your Netgear Router.

Netgear Genie App Features 

Parental Control:

The most known feature of Netgear Router is parental control. Using Netgear Genie app you can never stay apart with your router. Genie App has fulfilled the wish of many users to keep an eye on the internet activities happening in the users their absence via connected devices. The parental control helps you to:

  • Block the adult site or unwanted domains from your children and others access.
  • You can block the site for the particular time period. The selected device will be accessed only after completing its time to stay block.

Make sure to create OpenDNS account to run this feature.

Guest Network

Click on Router Settings > Guest network and thus you can control the settings with your guest network. The main motive of this device is to control the access of guest network to your network by keeping your privacy to your network. You have right to allow and disallow the guest network.

Routerlogin Net

Wireless Setting

To keep your wireless network safe to get viral, you can change the wireless setting within only some seconds via Genie App. Click on the Wireless Settings > change SSID Name > change the Wifi Password and click on save apply to save the settings.


Network Map

It allows you to view the entire clientele connected to your network to use your Netgear Wifi. You can analyze the screen, same as below, the connected devices will be displaying on your screen. The green line refers to the secure connection while the red refers to the failed connection.

Routerlogin Net

Speed Test

Click on Speed Test and come to know what speed your Internet Service  Provider is delivering to your network. It will display how fast your device receives the packets from internet using what speed. This application also shows how fast you download and upload separately.


Update Firmware

Click on the Router Updates > if the new version is available then click on upgrade or update. Thus the routerlogin firmware will be updated and you can use the settings efficiently.

Traffic Meter

It helps to monitor the data usage of your internet of yesterday and today, last week and month. It includes the connection time, upload average, download average and total average. Click on Traffic meter and turn it on and off to manage.

My Media

This feature allows you to play the media on your home network and on your phone from you genie app. It will view in four sections Source, Player, Playing and option.

Finally, you must glad to know that your remote access to using Genie app can play a wonderful role. So, download the Genie App now and follow these guidelines to run your Routerlogin Net features on Genie App.

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