How To Change The Wi-Fi Password Via Mywifiext.Net Setup Page – X4 AC2200 Wifi Range Extender

By | June 11, 2018

Often people use the Wi-Fi Protected Setup to access the when connecting X4 AC2200 Wifi Range Extender. The WPS method does not allow to use any Wi-Fi name and password to connect Wi-Fi network. Keeping the disadvantages of password viral, one is required to keep it secure. Especially, when you are connecting the X4 AC2200 Range Extender via Wi-Fi, Immediately, you should change the password.

  • Connect the router to the Extender via wired or Wi-Fi Network. Never go ahead until the extender LED become stable green after getting the power.
  • Presently, you can use the current SSID name and password that is mostly available in the instruction booklet or Extender’s label.

When you are able to access Wi-Fi network on your device, you can open the browser and type the in the address bar.  It’s not compulsory that you can use this address every time. If it does not work, then you can enter the

  • Enter the Username (admin) and Password (password) in the small letters.
  • Your screen will display the New Extender Setup and you will click on the New Extender Setup button
  • Fill the required columns to create your account and then click on the Next
  • Select the Access Point/Extender switch and click on Continue
  • Extender setup will scan the Wi-Fi network list and you will select your network name. Clearly it will be showing either 2.4GHz Wifi Networks or 5GHz Wifi Networks check box. In case, your extender is not showing then you can enter the SSID name manually that you are currently using.
  • Next will be the Network name and password field which you can change now setting a new password and network name.
  • Automatically, the page will take you to the list of networks and you can select your recently set network name and password. After making all the settings, you can click on Finish to save the settings.

Along with changing the password, web management also allows you to update the firmware, connect the device and optimize other settings.

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